Icelandic terrorists



By Paul Nathan

I’m behind Iceland 101% – or at least the vast majority of decent hardworking citizens that form the bedrock of the country – and it sickens me to see the growing exodus of people.

Having fashioned the nation out of adversity, this modern day calamity is not the usual Act of God, but more like many acts of Godliness – dishonesty and greed – brought upon the people by a minority of criminals, who have succeeded in ‘terrorising’ their own people.

Gordon Brown should never have inherited the top job in the UK, and should never have deployed anti-terrorism legislation against a nation of farmers, fishermen, and more recently bankers, but he did so out of necessity.

No one thought for a moment there was an Icelandic version Al Qaeda plotting away, but the reality was that it was done out of expediency.  It would have taken too long to pass a mandate through the British parliament, in order to stop the massive outflows of currency. 

Anyone reading any media anywhere knows, a small bunch of criminals were operating the Robin Hood principle in reverse.  Cleaning out as many organisations of their assets, equity and savings, and shipping them abroad as fast as they could before the ultimate collapse.

Rather than moaning about the United States & Britain, and marching on the British Parliament to proclaim the obvious, it’s about time Icelanders confronted their own demons and focussed on the core issue.  The acute problem was caused by a few rogue Icelanders.

Naturally, its hurtful to be labelled a terrorist, but all the charities, councils, and hospitals who have lost everything, would happily be called anything, if it could bring back years of their work, prevent a horrible future, and stave off bankruptcy and consequential deaths.

So who are the real terrorists?

The intellectual terrorists who inhabit the Independence Party, were given jobs at birth, and have no remorse for the emotional and financial carnage they’ve caused?

The financial terrorists who have drained their country dry, as well as many others, and still have the temerity to address the nation, proclaiming their innocence?

The great tragedy is that apart from all the tangible destruction, there are much greater reverberations, such as all the damage in confidence and trust to a hitherto impeccable reputation, and the incalculable damage to the very fragile fabric of society.

Iceland needs to focus on dealing with the domestic terrorism confronting it every day.


1 Response to “Icelandic terrorists”

  1. 1 Alex March 27, 2009 at 8:16 am

    Maybe it is time for Iceland to do the same as the US; global taxation of its people! In that way, the “financial geniuses’ who left Iceland in tatters, will always be liable back “home”.

    I do believe legislation like this will be quickly accepted by the new government and very appreciated by the broken farmers and fishermen…..

    Sometimes, the revenge could be quite sweet…..

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