Eva Joly on the scene of the crime


The Government of Iceland has appointed Norwegian-French Magistrate Eva Joly as a special adviser on the investigation of cases linked to the country’s economic collapse.

Norwegian born Joly specialised in financial affairs during her studies in France. In 1990 she joined the High Court of Paris as an investigating judge. She quickly made a mark with her tireless crusade against corruption, taking on, among others, former minister Bernard Tapie and the bank Crédit Lyonnais. Her most famous case was that of France’s leading oil company – Elf Aquitaine. In the face of death threats, she carried on the case to uncover several cases of fraud. She was named European of the Year by Reader’s Digest in 2002.

Mrs. Joly now works as a special advisor to the Norwegian government on money laundering and campaigns for tougher international action against fraud.

From Iceland.org


The 65-year-old Joly, who first emigrated from Norway to France as an au-pair, told an open meeting Tuesday at Reykjavik University that the scope and scale of her inquiry would be hampered without additional resources. 
“(The investigators) have to be sufficiently many, and they need funds to continue investigations,” she was quoted as saying by media. “They will need specialists and competent people to assist with the investigations. 
“Today there are four individuals with the special prosecutor and it is a joke,” she said. 

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1 Response to “Eva Joly on the scene of the crime”

  1. 1 Alex March 12, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    I do hope the nice lady will get access to the Lux office….before it ends up in the hands of Mr Olafsson’s best friends from a certain North African country.

    Good Luck


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