A 5 million krona gap

Are you a foreigner who is still scratching your head regarding the price-indexation?

In plain and simple terms, in the last two years I have paid around 2,5 million ISK to the bank for the home loan. In the same two years, the home loan has grown by 2,5 million ISK.  This basically means that I have seen 5 million disappear into the home loan. 

Still scratching your head? I don’t blame you.


1 Response to “A 5 million krona gap”

  1. 1 Roy March 11, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    Iceland Krona gaining against all major currencies! Great, now we should be able to enter the open market. What´s this ?

    Euro 290 kr
    Dollar 225 kr
    Yen 2.3 kr

    Hey guys, whats up?

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