All in the family

The discussions around the family dinner table in the Buiter-Sibert household are about to become even more fascinating for the adults and even more mind-numbingly tedious for the children. My wife, Anne Sibert, has just been appointed an external member of the provisional Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland (CBI).

From Willem Buiter’s blog at the Financial Times


1 Response to “All in the family”

  1. 1 Ed March 9, 2009 at 6:43 pm

    In Iceland, you have had big trouble, and apparently have declared its origin truthfully. NOT so here in the US. Maybe you could help us with US truth-telling!

    Dr. Summers (Obama aide) says:
    While the US and other western nations should return to living within their means in the medium term, everyone should raise spending sharply now.

    The US got here by two mispricings (first chart) and two misbehavings (second chart)
    “Real Dow & Real Homes & Personal Saving & Debt Burden”
    WITH keeping these histories little-apparent to aid the people’s ignorance. Aiding the people’s ignorance continues. Dr. Summers is saying ‘keep your head all the way up your fuming darkness for now’.

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