Words and sales-pitches

I was on TV yesterday where someone on the set was trying to convince us that his candidate had done a great job because he was less corrupt than someone from another party. And that the corruption he had stood for was such a small part of his wast area of responsibilities that it could not be reasonable to be hold it against him. 

As someone who is experienced in sales management I can clearly see that the product he is trying to sell has a lot of problems. That is usually the case when worse products have to be called on for comparison. 

So I am not buying, although I am sure a lot of people will fall for the well prepared sales-pitch. 

I have been told I hadn’t been agressive enough. That was a conscious decision. A woman on the set used a lot fewer words than the guy next to her. But I never stopped listening to her. 

I often find myself losing track when people who have been on debate teams in high school or been trained by Junior Chamber are talking. They talk a lot without saying much, but they know how to hog the limelight. 

Steingrimur J. Sigfusson has been famous for his long speeches in Parliament. What people remember about them is that they are long. 

Words are valuable but they can depreaciate. Renewal is a word that no-one will be buying in April because it is in excessive supply, without enough value to back it up.


1 Response to “Words and sales-pitches”

  1. 1 Roy March 2, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Reminds me of the the funeral of a mafia don and the minister asked if anyone in the church had a kind thing to say about the recently deceased. A long pause went by and finally a fellow in the back row stood up and shouted “His brother was worse”!

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