A government outnumbered

You certainly cannot call the situation boring anymore. As blogger and Progressive Party candidate Fridrik Jonsson points out next week might see an unprecedented turn of events in Icelandic parliamentary history. 

Currently the minority government of Samfylkingin and the Left Greens is protected by the Progressive Party which does not hold any ministries but can swing on issues. They have already made sure the Central Bank bill which will change the workings of the bank is not passed without their consent and now they’ve made a couple of suggestions to improve the situations for those suffering from the economic crash. 

The most controversial is the 20% write-off on all loans of individuals and businesses. It is controversial because obviously someone who has lent money will supposedly lose but then again, why should they not be a part of the solution. Jon Steinsson  of the Columbia Business School is not so thrilled and predicts this action will be extremely costly for the nation.

But now the Independent Party has indicated that they will support this suggestion. If they do then the government will find itself outnumbered in parliament and the Progressives and the Independent Party will be calling the shots.

Obviously they hope many voters will see them as the parties that act to help them out in dire times. And it will pave the way for the two parties that created the monstrous system that lead to the economic crash to resume the reins.

Can Icelanders be so stupid?

The answer is probably a resounding yes.  

That asides, the citizens of Iceland need to see some action by their government soon. Society’s breaking point might be closer than most think.


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