Neither fair nor trustworthy

Unemployment is up to 16.033 and rising, 8-9 businesses are going under every day. 

The word on the street today is not about a “short and sweet” recession anymore. 

It is fear. 

Of what will happen once desperation sets in. Shoplifting is on the rise. Small crime is on the up. 

What happens when someone who’s lost everything decides it is all David Oddson’s fault and wants revenge? 

The word also tells of an impending massive flight from the country. You meet people who are packing their belongings and want to keep it a secret that they are leaving. Then they will suddenly be gone. 

The trouble for Iceland is that people want to live in a fair society that they can trust. 

But trust is of short supply. Politicians who are running for re-election have been pouring money into their friends’ pockets. Billionaires who ran the banks into the ground and hid their money in tax shelters will not only get away with it but also be allowed to buy Iceland on the cheap. Politicians who were in charge when the largest disaster in history struck feel like they are the victims. Ordinary people are crumbling under debt that they have to shoulder because Icelandic politicians think it is fair that only borrowers take the responsibility to keep inflation down, not lenders. 

Iceland is neither fair nor trustworthy.


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