The farce this time…

You might remember that last week the Independent Party published Geir Haarde’s emails with Paul Thomsen at the IMF. They were supposed to show the nation that the new government was keeping the IMF’s reports secret, i.e. not sharing the important information with the people. 

Now it has been revealed that Paul Thomsen has sent Geir an email where he says that he might not have been clear enough the first time around but the IMF has instructed the government to not share its findings at the moment. 

After this airball, Geir was asked by Frettabladid whether he regretted that he had accused Johanna Sigurdardottir of lying in the proceedings. From his sandbox he said, “This is a mistake and he says it so himself that this wasn’t clear enough. Johanna and others in the government have said worse things so it is not up to me to say sorry. Absolutely not.”

Meanwhile unemployment rises steadily and is now 15.698. 

In Geir’s defence it apparantly hurts to lose power after more than a decade in government. Bjorn Bjarnason, former Minister of Justice thinks that the Foreign Ministry should control all visits of media to the president and have someone present. This after the German fiasco where Olafur Ragnar Grimsson told the country’s savers that their money in Icelandic banks would not be paid out. 

Maybe Bjorn has a point. To create jobs Iceland could install a real Censorship Council to control what people can and cannot say. After the Independent Party brought us to the doorsteps of Russia, it might as well take us all the way to North Korea. 

Meanwhile, reports of violence being used to collect debts are rising. And with the fall of the krona and the currency trade restrictions in place, those who earn their money from the illegal drugs trade are inclined to invest it here. 

But Bjorn has other things to think about.


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