Wake up Iceland!

Every facet of bad government from institutionalised corruption to disobedient and obstructive politicians in times of crisis, colour their legacy. And yet, like victims of an abusive relationship, a large part of the Icelandic electorate seems addicted to the theory that only they can govern effectively.

In the United States the wheels of democracy worked against all of the conspiracy theories, prejudices and vested interests to produce the first black president in the history of a relatively young country; just a few hundred years from the dark days of slavery.

From Paul Nathan’s article at Nei


1 Response to “Wake up Iceland!”

  1. 1 Vilhjalm A. February 19, 2009 at 10:06 am

    I think most Icelanders with any sense know that their system is dysfunctional, so there is no point telling them, as foreigners, that they need to change their ways.
    The problem is partially a large bloc of brain-dead, intransigent voters (you can call them stupid if you like) who will continue to vote for the old parties, and partially a firmly entrenched clique of politicians who have a death-grip on the system. Like the Republicans in the US, they would rather see the whole system collapse than give up their power.
    Probably the majority of Icelanders will vote next fall for reforms and reform parties, then the same old politicians will find a way to get back into power and ignore the wishes of the voters.
    I don’t know what the solution is to Iceland’s dire situation(probably there isn’t one) — but a lack of information is not the problem.

    Also, the US is not a good example for anyone to follow. Obama barely managed to win, with all his internet and tv publicity, despite being opposed by the worst and most corrupt political party in American history. And Obama is in many ways a continuation of the status quo. His economic plan is still trickle-down (lots of tax cuts, huge subsidies for the banks) or unrealistic (stimulus money for green energy, computerization, etc.). What is really needed is nationalization of the banks and resetting mortgages to fair market value. He won’t do that because the “system” won’t allow it. So his plan is destined to fail.
    And of course the main reason any stimulus plan will fail is simply the amount of money that has been lost in the collapse. Apparently $4 trillion was lost in the stock market and $7 trillion in real estate valuations. Throwing $1 trillion or even $3 trillion is not going to stop the depression.

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