The blank party

A friend intends to form the Blank Party. 

In Icelandic elections, blank votes are classified and read out alongside invalid votes. 

So if 40% of voters would turn in blank votes and 2% were stupid enough to not know how to fill out a voting form then they are to be put in the same category without distinction. 

Forty percent might be a realistic number of blank votes in times like these. The elections are coming fast and we seem to be stuck with the same old people in the same old parties. Now the Progressive Party intends to follow Geir Haarde’s lead and appoint candidates for the election, instead of allowing members of the party to vote.

So I would consider the Blank Party if my friend gets it off the ground. If it would get seats in the parliament then he has promised to keep them empty. Just to give that broken institution a long finger.

Unless I form the Quatrain Party myself. Quatrains are a popular form of poems in Iceland, especially amongst “cheeky old geezers” who slap each other on the back if their quatrain is read on national TV on election night.

Their votes also get cast in the invalid category so why should they not get their own party to vote for. If we could get a seat in parliament then we’d promise to deliver our speeches in quatrains only.


1 Response to “The blank party”

  1. 1 Einar Jón February 17, 2009 at 9:51 am

    They’d get my vote.
    If they keep their financial records open and donate their salary to charity they could get up to 20 seats.

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