Questions that require answers

Gunnar Tomasson asks some interesting questions at Silfur Egils. He hints that some of the answers might include clues towards how Iceland has been used to launder money from Russia. Even if that is not the case, the questions are valid on their own and should merit answers.  

Why didn’t the U.S. Federal Reserve Board not want to help the Icelandic Central Bank?

Why did the Icelandic government hesitate in asking the IMF for assistance?

Why did the UK government enact terrorist law against Landsbankinn?

Why hasn’t Geir Haarde spoken to Gordon Brown since?

Why didn’t David Oddson want to talk about it?

Why won’t the Icelandic government bring the dispute against the UK into court? 

Why did the Russian ambassador talk about a 4 billion USD loan to Iceland? 

Why did the Icelandic government take it seriously?


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