Blind, deaf or just stupid?

Geir Haarde has not learned the lessons of crashing his nation’s economy. He has recommended within the Independent Party that the party hand-pick those who should run in the elections instead of allowing the members of the party to vote. The committee in charge is apparantly against his suggestion on the grounds that every member of parliament needs to renew their mandate. There might just be some sense in the party yet, but not in Geir Haarde. 

Jon Baldvin Hannibalsson famously led David Oddson to the prime minister seat, when he as the leader of the Peoples’ Party (now part of Samfylkingin) agreed on a government with the Independent Party in 1991. After leaving parliament he was sent by the grace of the Independent Party and Progressive Party to Washington DC and Helsinki as an ambassador. Yesterday he threatened that if Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir did not allow the party to renew itself and resign as the head of Samfylkingin and let Johanna Sigurdardottir assume the leadership position, then he would run himself. Totally ignorant of the fact that he is a representative of the old ways of doing things and hardly a beacon of new times. 

Ingibjorg Solrun meanwhile thinks that Samfylkingin assumed responsibility by breaking up the government of the Independent Party. Blindly ignoring the party’s actions until then, like travelling the world to hype the broken banking system and actually keeping the party in power that they had spent their whole existence denouncing for all the right reasons. 

Meanwhile polls show that the blind, deaf or stupid leaders might be a perfect match for the nation of Iceland. The Independent Party gets the largest share of the vote 29%, Samfylkingin 24%. Jonas Kristjansson, former editor-in-chief of various newspapers chokes on those numbers and says that Icelanders might just be the most stupid nation on earth.


2 Responses to “Blind, deaf or just stupid?”

  1. 1 Vilhjalm A. February 15, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    I wouldn’t worry about that 29%. About 20-40% of any population is closet-fascist, or just plain stupid. How else to explain the 52% of Americans who voted for Bush in 2004 and 45% who voted for McCain in 2008? Even allowing for vote-fraud and an older, geriatric public, that’s still 30-40% for the worst, the most destructive president ever.
    Milosovic has a large following in Serbia despite ruining his country, same with Ceacescu. I bet 30% of Germans would vote for Hitler if he were on the ballot, or 30% of East Germans for Honecker.
    What matters is the other 71% of Iceland. Hopefully they will get rid of Ingibjorg Solrun and all the old political corpses. I doubt that will happen. Probably they will vote for a half-measure, do-nothing party instead of a party that will appoint qualified persons – like the Swedish adviser, Jon Danielsson, Thorvaldur Gylfason, and bring all sorts of foreign advisers and investigators. I don’t really follow Icelandic party politics so I don’t know who the “best” Icelandic politicians are. Maybe there aren’t any.
    Or maybe it doesn’t matter. Iceland is in such a deep hole that nothing can help much. There will be massive job losses and bankruptcies and foreclosures no matter who is in charge. The EU is the only choice, really, it’s that or starvation or emigration. As the situation stands now, something like 70% of the government’s yearly money has to go to pay INTEREST on the foreign debt and on Icesave, That’s not going to work.
    The plan should be to join the EU and hope – and pray – that the Germans and Britons forgive the debts.

  2. 2 Roy February 16, 2009 at 8:11 am

    A political enema might be a good start!

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