Selling Mt. Esja

The idea of selling Mt. Esja began as a prank, but with time it had developed into something more serious; by now it was no longer a joking matter. Peter wasted no time and founded exPORT Mountains Inc. in collaboration with foreign investors. No one, for example, realized that when they dug the tunnel under Whale fjord the government was doing preliminary tests, a minuscule experiment, as per Peter’s consultation. The results were promising. It was considered unproblematic to tunnel under Mt. Esja to saw it free from its base and sell it to mainland Europe. Intense debate ensued. Scientists everywhere, individually and through learned societies, voiced their informed opinions – quot homines tot sententiae.

From Orn Bardur Jonsson’s short fiction about the sale of Esjan.

Read it in English here, scroll down past the Icelandic text.


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