A full page of neo-con comedy


The neo-cons of andriki.is take their comedy to a whole new level in Frettabladid today.

In a full-page ad they point out to the fact that there have been many and varied laws regarding the financial markets in Iceland during the last few years. The ad proceeds to point to most of the laws and the headline sarcastically states “There were no rules here”. 

“People have talked about the lack of rules without saying which rules are missing”, says spokeperson Sigridur Andersen. “People should stop talking in phrases”

 Not for the first time, Andriki.is turn things on their head. Very few people have said there weren’t rules and laws available. Most people have pointed to the fact that the people who were supposed to enforce them didn’t, both because in some cases they were to close to the banks and in other cases because they didn’t have the resources available to them. 

But then again, Andriki.is is a very funny webpage which is maintaned by people who misunderstood Darwin. Let’s see whether their next full-page ad will ask “Why didn’t we enforce all those laws?”

I’ll even publish their ad here above for free to mess with one of their core concepts, that nothing is free.


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