The most beautiful moment

A friend said today that the protests in Reykjavik when the Parliament building was besieged was the most beutiful moment he’d ever witnessed in Iceland. 

Finally, people made a statement. Finally the ruling elite was pushed out of power. 

He recalled telling the story of how after some idiots had started throwing things at the police, other protesters formed a shield around the police. The next day, after a half-hour of protests the police lowered their own shields and moved out of the way. No one stormed the building. 

He said he’d talked to one of his friends in the police who’d said that most of his co-workers had wanted most to turn away from the protesters and towards the parliament themselves. 

Maybe this is the good side of living in such a small country, it is hard to throw rocks at your former classmate from 6th grade or raise a baton at your grandmother. The police themselves have had to suffer from massive budget cuts in the last few years and have families themselves and home-loans that have left them in a hard place.

In spite of a few skirmishes both sides can be proud of their overall performance and behavior, the protesters and the police. Even if some find it convenient to paint a different picture.  Things could have gone terribly wrong.


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