Still in limbo

We are still in a relative limbo as of now. 

The new government has taken office and it seems like the general mood is “OK, we’re not sure what to do about you but we’ll give you a chance to show what you can do”. 

The removal of the Independent Party from the government was necessary, not only for the country but the party itself as it had become degenerately unable to do anything. There were too many cobwebs holding its pillars together, so they were unable to move on so many issues that needed adressing. 

Of course they are crying their eyes out in the media and in their blogs but the fact remains that apart from those old enough to still be credulous about the old left-right politics, most are now turning a deaf ear to what the party has to say. 

Gisli Marteinn Baldursson, one of the young puppies brought up by David Oddson’s rule talks about the new government inviting us to a party that’s sour from the beginning. But most people do not think of the current situation as a party, but more the day after when you have to clean out the mess left by the spoiled teenagers you left in charge of the house. And the hangover is immense. 

Johanna Sigurdardottir being the new prime minister will buy this new government more time than any other could dream of in this situation. People and businesses need solutions, justice and to see things are being done. Already, the new government is acting on many levels, including the necessary removal of the Central Banks’ board and governors which the Independent Party could not bring itself to do because of blind loyalty within the party to the man in the hot seat, whose grace allowed them to rise to offices of influence themselves. 

The Independent Party, which does not tire of pointing out the fact that the new ministers have about a century’s worth of Parliamentary experience between them so they could hardly be said to be representatives of new times, could become more influential in its opposition role. It will allow the party to regenerate, although it could go down the road of retreating to the trenches of the same families that have held control of the party for generations. Member of Parliament Bjarni Benediktsson is now being touted as the new leader. His family alone has about a century’s worth of parliamentary experience. 

Although things are currently in a bit of a “wait and see” mode, we are surely in for some interesting times.


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