Best husbands ever

They made the deals that ruined the economy but they are still the best husbands ever. 

Around the economic crash in October quite a few top bankers gave their spouses their homes, i.e. registered their homes from their own name to their wifes’. 

The two CEO’s of Exista, seven managers from Kaupthing, Sigurjon Arnason the CEO of Landsbankinn, and the CEO of MP verdbref all registered their homes in the names of their wifes late last year. 

The dates are interesting. Erlendur Hjaltason, CEO of Exista, Kaupthing’s largest owner made his gift to his wife on September 25, before the catastrophe. 

Stefan Hilmarsson, the chef who’s cooked the books for Jon Asgeir Johannesson at Baugur sold his home to a private company whose registered owner is his mother. 

Surprisingly, or not, not one of them wanted to talk to Frettabladid about their largesse.


1 Response to “Best husbands ever”

  1. 1 Roy February 2, 2009 at 12:54 pm

    What would Egill Skallagrímsson have done with these kind and loving spouses….

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