Messy reporting

Talking about their leading newsstory as of now is too hilarious to miss. 

“Littering the lightpoles of the capitol”

It says that white plastic ribbons which have been tied around lightpoles in the capitol are littering. The foremost newssite in the country had to consult an unnamed city employee to confirm that the ribbons did not break down in nature creating a big environmental mess. (Which is funny as hell in that Independent’s have finally come to care for the environment.) The taxpayers will have to pay for the cleanup according to the site. (obviously they had to get the word taxpayer in there)

An unnamed resident in Reykjavik is supposed to have sent a letter to draw attention to the matter. (probably one of the editorial staff)

The reason for the white ribbons is then explained. A new political movement has tied the ribbons to draw attention to itself, the Democratic Movement which intends to implement systematic change to the constitution in order to build a more transparent society. 

No wonder the Independent’s are shaking in their boots.


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