A master of nepotism exits the stage

Bjorn Bjarnason probably imagined that he would leave the political stage in a different way. 

Minister of education and then justice for almost two decades he was one of the first politicians to use his blog to get his views across, probably thought it convenient as he was known to handpick personally where he would give interviews in the mainstream media. 

But his legacy as the Independent Party’s will be as a protector of nepotism. Bjorn, faced with having to appoint his former aide and David Oddson’s son Thorsteinn Davidsson to a position as district court justice over more qualified applicants handily transferred the power to Finance Minister Arni Mathiesen so that it would all be legal, albeit unethical. 

As Bjorn exits the stage on someone else’s terms DV.is tells how he appointed Pall Winkel to the position of Head of Prison Affairs even though Pall had been reprimanded for negligence in his previous job with the police. No one is surprised to hear that Pall’s mother happens to be Bjorn’s secretary. 

Although Iceland is a small country and connections run closer than elsewhere it is all the more reason to make sure appointments like those are beyond any doubt.


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