Meltdown: Iceland on the brink

On Friday morning, human rights campaigner and protest organiser Hordur Torfason told a chilling anecdote to illustrate the desperation many Icelanders are feeling. He had received a phone call from a man who said that four generations of his family had lost everything. “He wanted me to help them build a gallows in front of the parliament building,” says Torfason. “I asked him if this was to have some symbolic significance. ‘No,’ came the answer. ‘A member of my family wants to hang himself in public.'”

“I said I would help them but not in this way,” says Torfason. “But he killed himself two days ago.”

From the Independent

1 Response to “Meltdown: Iceland on the brink”

  1. 1 Vilhjalm A. January 26, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Things in Iceland are bad, in a political and general economic sense, but that’s no reason to get carried away and kill yourself. You Icelanders can always go the Norway and live perfectly comfortably. It’s as if Guatemalans got free citizenship to live in Beverly Hills. The unemployment rate is 1.5% so probably anyone who wants to can get a job. Sure, you may have to scramble a little at first and you have to pay high taxes – but you get all sorts of free benefits, and real mountains with trees and beautiful scenery, much nicer than Iceland. I get the impression that Icelanders seem to hate one another – they’re constantly complaining and trying to screw one another for a few kronur or a better job title, so maybe they would be better off splitting up.
    In fact you could build a whole new city for Ny-Fron right between Narvik and Alta in the north, nobody lives there. All the home-sick Icelandic nationalists could have group-hugs at 5 p.m. every day and fly back on the weekends on Jon-Asgeir Airline.

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