Birds of a feather

falki-sjalfstc3a6c3b0isflokksins  swastika

Birds of a feather flock together. 

I sometimes get the feeling that if some staunch supporters of the Independent Party had been alive in Nazi Germany they would have been role-models for Hitler’s Youth. 

More subservient people are hard to find. Their blind loyalty knows few limits. 

Benedikt Johannsson writes a touching column where he says he is sad because of the situation in Iceland. But it is not the breakdown of the system that is messing with his heart but the fact that “children who attack the Parliament building with eggs and fruits lack respect for the core values of freedom and democracy. Because the Parliament building is first and foremost the unifying symbol of the fact that the democratically elected representatives of the nation make the law, not a dictator or an angry mob”. 

So Benedikt has resorted to the Goebbels Propaganda Dictionary instead of critical thought. Talk of unifying symbols reminscant of any other fear mongering nationalist and lack of respect, instead of turning his brain on to the question of “how did we get here”? 

How did we get to a point where an “angry mob throwing eggs and showing lack of respect for our values attack national symbols”? It is worth it to note that these kind of demonstrations do not have a paralell occurrance in Icelandic democratic history. So why is the “mob” so angry after spending the past few decades drinking Soda-Stream and watching Friends?

Could it be the lack of respect shown by the political parties to the system that was created for the people but became for the parties? Could it be that normal people who all have a stake in a free and democratic Iceland have realized that they have been sold a terribly short stick?

To paraphrase an Icelandic author, could it be that the rape-victims have realized that the rapist has taken up residence in its aparment?

Effects should not be viewed without examining their causes. That’s what Vef-Thjodviljinn does, a collection of right wing “intellectuals” who find causes everywhere except with those who have held the reins of society for almost two decades now. Their writing should be translated into more languagues to show the world that the self-proclaimed “book-nation” still harbours quite a few individuals who are void of intellectual curiosity, critical thought and all too eager to bend over to self-serving political dogmas.


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