What a week…

…to be away from it all, without decent internet connection and cell phone reception. 

I spent the past week on a course in the Midlands countryside in the UK where modern technology was scarce. So the news filtering in was sporadic. But things seem like they are changing.

When the parliament gathered again after the longest Christmas break any workers can dream of the nation showed up and said it had enough. Members of Parliament and ministers had to be smuggled out of the parliament building, to get away from the hail of eggs.

The people stayed behind. No one is after their blood, after all everyone knows where they live. Instead they lit a bonfire and chanted “Unfit government”. Unfortunately some idiots got out of hands and threw bricks towards the police leaving a couple injured.

Icelandic idiots are also found outside of parliament.

Then prime minister Geir Haarde dropped a bombshell, he had been diagnosed with malignous cancer of the esophagus. He will need treatment, just like Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir who underwent surgery because of brain tumour while Reykjavik burned. Geir wants an election on May 9, after which time he says he will step down. Samfylkingin has spent the week arguing between its members of parliaments and everyone else whether or not to end the current government right away. 

The government is weak and hurt, physically and metophorically. Yet it scrambles to ignore the cry of its country to release the reins of power. Thorgerdur Katrin Gunnarsdottir who will stand in for Geir while he is away tried to warn the country that the recession would be prolounged for two years if there would be a vote. Is that a threat because it is hard to imagine why the broken and untrusted should lead the country in these times? 


And even though they had promised elections the people kept coming to protest yesterday, more than ever and all over the country. In polls more than half say they don’t know what they would vote for. The Progressive Party has gained 10% just for changing its leadership. The Left Greens seem to be the most attractive option to most people, and the Independent Party should stop and ask themselves whether their own failures are the cause of that. 

It is good to be back although it is easy to admit that for one week it was quite a relief to to be away from the mess that is Geir Haarde’s and Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir’s Iceland.


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