Out of place

It is common knowledge in Iceland that the Independent Party is in bed with businessmen like Bjorgolfur Thor and Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson and does everything the Icelandic Chamber of Commerce asks it to do. 

Samfylkingin’s place under the money tree has been more uncertain. Rumors have said that Baugur is a major backer.

Whatever the truth it is interesting to hear that at the founding meeting of Baugur’s property business in Denmark, Landic Property one of the speakers was Bjorgvin G. Sigurdsson, Minister of Business Affairs. Why was the minister of business affairs speaking at a merger of a few property companies in Denmark?

Could it have been that he wanted to go to the Tivoli amusement park? 

Some would say that this would not be the only time Bjorgvin G. Sigurdsson has looked out of place.


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