MP’s losing their mind

You sometimes think they are joking but then you find out they’re not.

Jon Magnusson, member of parliament for the Liberals asked people not to buy firecrackers for the New Years in a radio interview this morning. By spending money on fireworks they are throwing their money away.

As mentioned on this site yesterday, sales of fireworks comprise 2/3 of the Icelandic Rescue Teams’ earnings.

Asides from supporting the unselfish men and women who volunteer to be on alert year-round, the New Years Eve fireworks spectacle is one of the few positive things that currently unite the nation.

Lets hope Jon doesn’t get lost in the Icelandic wilderness this year. Or maybe he already has.


2 Responses to “MP’s losing their mind”

  1. 1 Roy December 28, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    Instead of giving indirectly by buying fireworks, how about donating all that you would have spent on these by donating directly to those good folks. This would help in 2 ways the first being the non-support of a repressive government and of course the 2nd would be that the lifesaving folks would get all of the money. Spending millions of krona on fireworks at a time when more people then ever are seeking financial assistance is a rather selfish thing to do! Selfish you say? Yep, that´s the correct word!

  2. 2 drafnsson December 29, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    The fireworks on New Years Day is one of the most positive cultural things that come with being an Icelander. As one of their officers said on TV couple of days ago the days when they are on sale also gives them a chance to interact with people on a large scale.

    I for one always go to buy from my friend who is a part of the rescue teams that sell down by the harbor, then meet up with family to enjoy the display. It is a great tradition that would be sorely missed.

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