Valuable employees


Saw this brilliant sketch at the Freedom Fries blog.

It reminds us of the CEO’s of the Icelandic banks who justified their exorbitant wages and bonuses with claims of being so attractive employees who understand complicated business models better than the rest of us.

Funny how no one is hiring the ex-bankers except businesses that need them to clean up their own mess.

The conversation at one Christmas party turned to Bjarni Armannson, ex Glitnir CEO who got away to Norway with billions in ISK and is sitting pretty there while his country is burning. Bjarni was a CEO who needed interior designers for his office and thought his employees idea of fun was listening to him perform karaoke. For the generosity of throwing lavish parties paid by the stockholders many of his former employees still think he was a decent guy who had nothing to do with the mess we are in.

He got away with billions for quitting and within a year Glitnir is bankrupt, accused of all sorts of questionable behavior. Was that money paid to him because he was such a valuable employee? Or was it a bribe for going away and keeping his mouth shut?


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