Preferred customers

Channel 2 reported tonight that the Icelandic Police is now investigating transfers of around one hundred billion ISK from Kaupthing in Iceland into foreign bank accounts. The bank’s former management is accused of having brought their preferred customers large amounts on a silver platter.

According to the Channel’s sources, the police were tipped off two weeks ago about several transfers, amounting to one hundred billion ISK to other countries, mainly Luxembourg. The transfers are traced to contracts made with the bank’s largest customers. These contracts mainly revolved around trade in currency that were designed to bring the customers a massive windfall, in a scheme they could only make profits from. The police has asked the Financial Authorities for more information regarding these contracts.

Channel 2 indicates that this is the reason why Minister of Commerce Bjorgvin G. Sigurdsson, will not approve of the sale of Kaupthing in Luxembourg unless they are guaranteed access to all the information needed.

So could this be the reason former CEO Sigurdur Einarsson has been trying to buy the bank in Luxembourg with a Libyan investment team?

Some customers are apparantly more preferred than others.


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