Genealogy Economics

In the wake of the financial crisis in Iceland, there should be a new field created  in economics, Genealogy Economics.

Maybe it already exists but it would be the study of how families and friends connect to obtain positions of power and economic gain.

For example:

David Oddson Central Bank Governor and former prime minister as head of the Independent Party  is the father of Thorsteinn Davidsson District judge who was appointed by Arni Mathiesen Finance minister who is the son of Matthias Mathiesen former minister for the Independent Party, in the absence of Bjorn Bjarnason Minister of Justice, who is the son of Bjarni Benediktsson former prime minister as head of the Independent Party.

Phew! One long sentence can hold a lot of connections.

Abroad this could be a study of how from 1980 you could see these names in the White House,

Bush VP-Bush VP-Bush P-Clinton P-Clinton P – Bush P – Bush P

Then you could have extended it into 2016 if Hilary Clinton had not faced Barack Obama. Chelsea for 2020 anyone? Jeb?


1 Response to “Genealogy Economics”

  1. 1 Kjartan December 19, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    Maybe you can add Prescott Bush ( to that list of brilliant American Leaders.
    “Bush was a member of the Board of Directors of Union Banking Corp, whose assets were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act due to ownership by “enemy nationals”.[2][3] Many companies did business with Germany prior to World War II, including IBM,[4] Ford,[5] and General Motors.”

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