Airing the laundry

An interesting by-product of the censorship case at DV is the mud-slinging that is beginning in the press.

Agnes Bragadottir of Morgunbladid condemned the editors of DV with holy wrath when the story broke. They are hitting back and reminding their readers that when Arni Johnsen, Independent Party member of parliament was accused of theft eight years ago, Agnes orchestrated a false report in Morgunbladid with arranged photos that were supposed to prove his innocence.

The journalist community is generally a small one in the largest nations. Imagine how it is in this tiny country where every journalist has basically worked with all the other journalists  and therefore they all know each others weak spots.

Everybody knew that Morgunbladid had covered up for Arni Johnsen at the time. The other accusation is more interesting though, DV says that Agnes has personally profited from FL Group without explaining it further.

When journalists collide, things are bound to be messy.


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