The luckiest people alive

Hanna Birna a few months ago. Photo from

Hanna Birna a few months ago. Photo from

The city council of Reykjavik must count themselves as the luckies people alive.

The current major, Hanna Birna Kristjansdottir is the fourth in two years and there are still two years left of their term.

With the economic situation, all the spotlight has disappeared from the most ridiculous group of shameless politicians you are likely to find.

The Independent Party ran on change in 2006 as the left parties had ruled for 10 years. When in power they formed a majority with the party that had been dismissed by most voters, the Progressives. Then they tried to tie Reykjavik Energy into a 20 year exclusive deal with FL Group that was supposed to save the company that was heading for a spectacular collapse.

The Left/Green rep at Reykjavik Energy called foul and the majority split, the Progressive rep hopping into bed with the left parties. The Left/Green who then found herself in a position of power oversaw a whitewash report on the scandal. No need to rock any boats that were dependant on the Progressive representative keeping them afloat. No one took responsibility.

Only a hundred days later the Independent Party struck again, forming a relationship with Olafur Magnusson, a kind of a lone ranger who ran for the Liberals and gave him the position of major. The Progressive rep jumped ship now that he had no influence anymore and got a cozy position as the business editor of Frettabladid. The Left/Green rep now had no power and a whitewashed report.

The majority of the Independent Party and the Liberals only lasted a few months before the new representative for the Progressives jumped into bed with the Independent Party. The sound you could hear coming from City Hall was the one of its officials tearing their hair out in disbelief when they had to draw up new plans for the fourth time. The Progressive rep appointed his best friend as head of Reykjavik Energy and Hanna Birna Kristjansdottir became the fourth major in two years.

This was the massive scandal of 2008 until scandals became an everyday occurrence and everyone seems to have forgotten about the people who govern the city like it is a sandbox and they are three year olds.

And they probably count themselves lucky to be away from the cameras for once.


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