I predict a riot

This is Reykjavik today. After between 6.000-8.000 people showed up downtown for the weekly protest, some 200 strong showed up at the police station at Hlemmur to demand the release of a young man arrested yesterday.

This man had hoisted the flag of the Bonus discount stores on top of the Parliament building two weeks ago and got away when the police tried to get him down. Cheekily he returned with his university class to a cocktail at the parliament on Friday night. The staff identified him and called the police which promptly arrested him, apparently on an unrelated charge (implied on the news as traffic violation).

The crowd tried to enter the police station, breaking a window and rushing through when the police pepper-sprayed the crowd and came out in riot gear. They man was released as an unknown Samaritan paid his fine.

Would you bet against the situation becoming more violent in the next few weeks?

Videos linked from skodun.blog.is


1 Response to “I predict a riot”

  1. 1 Matt West April 2, 2009 at 11:51 am

    There are a number of protests taking place around the world. However, tackling the complex issues of our day (ie, global recession, climate change) within the frameworks of our democracies will require broad support. As I write in an article for The Green Market (http://thegreenmarket.blogspot.com/2009/04/g20-protestors-dilute-green-message.html) current protests threaten to undermine Green advocacy.

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