The Russian connection


This picture which Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladed published over a year ago and was then ridiculed by the Icelandic banks and government has been brought into daylight again.

Icelandic voters must be confident that these kind of issues will be investigated so that the truth will emerge. Either to clean the names of the Icelanders involved, or to expose Ekstra Bladed.

Hopefully Ekstra Bladed will forgive me for making a version in English.


3 Responses to “The Russian connection”

  1. 1 ino November 22, 2008 at 1:50 am

    here is an eye-opening article, that explains what was going on behind that chart. it gets especially interesting at the point where the bravo brewery comes into play…. i seriously wonder if the bjorgolfurs sleep with one eye open these days…


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