Looking forward

The worst thing about the incredible ineptitude of our political leaders is the fact that we the voters displayed incredible ineptitude in granting them their powers.

Two of Samfylkingin’s ministers have said they want a new vote. So today, an MP from the Independent Party scolded them on radio, saying they should resign as they were clearly unfit to take part in the rebuilding ahead.

Que some unrealistic pots calling on some realistic kettles.

Hopefully we will get a chance to make things right next year.

Last time we had parliamentary elections I looked at the ballot and experienced severe nausea at the thought of having to vote for any of the same old parties. So I voted for the new party, The Iceland Movement, which emphasized green issues that are semi-important to me but had people onboard who were either new to politics or critical of things. They did not win enough votes to gain a seat.

You often hear those who cannot divorce themselves from the parties they vote for by default exclaim “Would you rather have those people in power? They would just screw things up!”

The question now is what is there left to be screwed up?

Still the possibilities to make a mess seem infinite. In the last city council elections I was sick and tired of the Reykjavik-coalition of Left Greens/Samfylkingin/Progressive Party. Bureaucracy, stalling on necessary projects, lack of planning anc co-operation. So I thought, lets give the other guys a chance, the Independent Party. They cannot possibly screw things up more than the Reykjavik-coalition.

But then they did, and then some. And then the screwed up more.

So I just won’t vote for them again.

so I am really looking forward to having new options to vote for.


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