Behind the scenes

YouTube, Facebook and the bloggers got Obama elected. YouTube, Facebook and the bloggers will expose the government of Geir Haarde.

Here is a video from 2007 where the journalist asks him about the opposition’s call for the Euro, currency fluctuations and massive increases in government spending. The guy loses his cool as he does not want to answer and the newscaster ends up having to calm him down and remind him that he is the Prime Minister and it matters what he has to say on these issues. It was never aired, raising questions about what other gems the National Broadcast Company’s vault has in store for us.

This video is brought to people’s attention on the same night as the tricks of Geir Haarde government’s PR specialist were exposed on the news.

– Portray a strong image of the PM and the finance minister.
– Move press conferences from mornings to afternoons so that the press will have less time to work with the material before the evening news.
– Hold fewer press conferences so that fewer foreign press will attend and less will be told abroad about the crisis.

The PR specialist is a Norwegian who was hired by the governement early last month. His previous job, PR at Glitnir bank.


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