Leave us alone!

I wish David Oddson would leave us alone.

His speech two days ago implied he knew why Britain had enacted terrorist law against Iceland but he would not tell us. Now it is indicated that it is because Kaupthing was transferring large amounts of money from the UK to Iceland, presumably to get under the umbrella of the Icelandic Central Bank.

If that is the case, which it well might be then why on earth hasn’t he said anything before? And why didn’t he during the speech?

Why does everything have to be dragged out of his clan like they hold the secrets to eternal life? Why can’t he just tell us instead of having everybody in the country confused for a month, accusing each other?

Who elected David Oddson King of Everything?

Frettabladid today tells us that in 2003 after president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson married British citizen Dorrit Moussaief, David Oddson, then Prime Minister wrote him a letter expressing concern that the marriage had been illegal.

Moussaief had divorced 25 years earlier and her former husband had married thrice afterwards. The local sheriff who married Olafur Ragnar and Moussaief had performed the ceremony without question. David’s letter implied that Moussaief had not put forth legal documents regarding her marital status, therefore the marriage could not be confirmed.

Why the prime minister would take time to write such a letter instead of the relevant authorities is mind-boggling. The Attorney General’s office should have asked for this confirmation if it was really needed, apparantly in cases like Mousaieff it is regularly not. So David was just trying to get one over his old enemy from Olafur Ragnar’s politcal days.

Not that Olafur Ragnar should have made sure that everything regarding his marriage was unquestionable but then he is the other politician who considers himself king of Iceland.

But with all the mess the country is in, it would be best for everyone if David Oddson would be sent into exile so that every issue and everything would not have to be turned into a war regarding his persona.

I for one am extremely sick of the sight of the man. He is a malign cancer on his country which is slowly and painfully killing us off.


1 Response to “Leave us alone!”

  1. 1 ino November 20, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    he way iceland has been governed in the past was truely fascinating for a foreigner like myself.nepotism with side dish of coruption served up by a coalition government that would do as it pleased, even when it had the smallest of majority, was fun to watch. but now that everything is out of control and the future of the country and of the generations to come are at stake it has become more than a joke. it is now the fatal car wreck on the highway that you have to look at as you drive past, knowing fulwell that it is going to disgust you and make your stomache turn. instead of handeling this national crisis in a modern, transparent way, david doddson throws around bombshell riddles in an attempt to secure his own position, the icelandic nation be damned! his remarks about the man who borrowed a trillion isk and why gordon brown did what he did, either are to be kept secret for the greater good of the icelandic economy, or they should be made public through the proper chanels (a press converence with haarde at his side would do nicely). but to do it in a speech and as a sort of leverage or threat and by leaving the world guessing what is going on behind the curtain of power is a good reason for his immediate resignation.
    central bank presidents around the western world are non-party affiliated grey figures with out political ambition, but in iceland the bank president is a man who considers himself to be the king.
    in this article you compare iceland to nigeria, but to me a different african nation springs to mind; iceland is now the zimbabwe of the north atlantic and robert mugabe can learn a thing or 2 from doddson

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