A private affair

So we have been told we have an agreement with the IMF regarding a loan and the Brits and the Dutch regarding IceSave.

Amazingly in a democratic country, this agreement was reached without being discussed in the open in the Parliament. It certainly looks as if these decisions were made by few individuals within the executive branch.

And we are massively in debt.

A local politician said in protest that when she was young her mother had imprinted in her never to become a guarantor on someone else’s loan. In this case she has no choice. She was never asked to guarantee anything but still is stuck with the bill.

And this might be one of the reason’s why you see more and more angry people out and about. The traffic seems more aggressive, a local taxi driver commented to me today. My sister was scolded at someone who bumped into her at a store. I have experienced some cases of extreme rudeness at the movies and connected to work lately. People are understandably angry and we are becoming a more unfriendly, pessimistic, depressed society because…

Ingibjorg Solrun and Geir Haarde, photo linked from godsamskipti.is

…two people are having a private affair and pretending like it is noone else’s business.

Note: The above photo depicts majority leaders Geir Haarde and Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir sealing the majority cooperation of the Independence Party and Samfylkingin two years ago. Linked from godsamskipti.is


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