More resignations

This might be a welcome trend.

Today, Gudni Agustsson resigned as the head of the Progressive Party. When the Progressive Party got into bed with the Independence Party it could count on getting 20-30% of the popular vote. In this decade it has been torn apart, so that in the last election two years ago it only got 5 seats of the 63 in parliament and its then leader did not win his seat.

The story of the Progressive Party should serve as an example to Samfylkingin, which took its place as the yes men of the Independence Party two years ago.

Few will miss Gudni. He is old school, talks in nationalistic cliches about everything Icelandic being the best in the world. A TV caricature of Gudni made him more popular than his politics. His speeches were so out of this world that people found him amusing, instead of worrying about the damage he could do. As agriculture minister for years he threw endless subsidies to those who were his strongest voters, farmers and rural money-men.

One of the most interestin run-ins I have had with a member of Gudni’s Progressive Party clique was when a former CEO of a Animal-Feed company was describing to me, a marketing person how incredible marketing really was. As CEO he had discovered that there was demand for a top of the line animal feed, “luxury-feed”. He said it had been a big hit for the company, as some farmers were really excited about feeding their animals the good stuff. The genius in his opinion was that it had been the same feed as everyone else was getting for much less. It was just put into bags that had the words Luxury Feed on them instead of regular boring old bags.

Hopefully the Progressive Party will be erased compeletely from future history books in the next elections.


1 Response to “More resignations”

  1. 1 Roy November 18, 2008 at 9:22 am

    I remember a few years back when Guðny, Iceland´s village idiot was promoting the Icelandic hot dog. He might as well have promoted a squeeze tube of lard because they have similar health benefits. Anything to help the farmers is fair game, the public be damned. George Bush, America´s village idiot, and Guðny are intellectually equivalent.

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