The billion dollar question

So many people contributed to Iceland facing financial ruin. In some ways or others we all played our part, working for the man, buying flat-screens and taking on currency loans.

But Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson and Bjorgolfur Thor, along with Sigurjon Arnason and Halldor J. Kristjansson of Landsbankinn could reasonably be accused of not only buying and loading a big gun, but also firing it off with the IceSave fiasco.

They recieved plenty of warnings from Iceland and the UK. But they had the audacity to keep firing and the result is that Iceland is bleeding to death.

Sigurjon Arnason (Photo from

Sigurjon Arnason (Photo from

Now they have the audacity to sit on their assets until they can purchase things they desire in Iceland on the cheap, and they want to stick the taxpayers the bill.

Halldor J. Kristjansson, (photo from

Halldor J. Kristjansson, (photo from

A guest from the US said yesterday, “They know where these guys live. Why don’t they just go and get them and confiscate their worth. Make them pay with their own money for what they have gotten you into.”

The reason might be that they have friends in high places. Friends who sold them the banks for change a few years back and stood back when they ran amok.

Photos of Bjorgolfur and Bjorgolfur Thor from and unknown source


2 Responses to “The billion dollar question”

  1. 1 Roy November 13, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Regarding Sigurjon Arnason, I´m thinking one way to get revenge would be to prepay Dominos and have free pizza delivered directly to his house everyday. Judging by the photo above , I´d give him 3 months max before he literally explodes!

  2. 2 MisterFloppy November 13, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    This is the communism of the XXI century:
    The normal workers will have to give their hard earned money to the freaking rich bankers that created this mess via taxes.
    It`s Robin Hood, just in the opposite direction.

    It`s just unfair and sad.

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