Pigs are flying

Now, this headline is in no way intended to call Bjarni Hardarson a pig. He isn’t a pig although he has been a member of Parliament for the pigpen that is the Progressive Party for the last couple of years. And yesterday it got even messier.

Bjarni sent an email to his assistant, Armann Ingi Sigurdsson where he asked him to create a fake email adress and leak a letter to the media. The letter, written by two Progressive Party supporters is heavily criticizing of Valgerdur Sverrisdottir, another MP and former minister of industry and one of the main culpits in the privatization of the banks a few years back. Valgerdur has been banking (sorry for the pun), on the voters’ short memory and has been leading the discussion about entering the EU within her party, something Bjarni is extremely against. So the letter was intended to hurt her and the cause.

Except the email didn’t just reach his assistant but mistakenly went to most media outlets in the country from Bjarni. When he realised his mistake he immediately fired another email to the press asking them to look past the obvious mistake he had made. You can guess the press’s reaction.

Bjarni at first tried to defend his action but then did something unexpected. He resigned.

This is more significant than you can imagine. It is virtually unheard of that Icelandic politicians resign, and only 2-3 in the last couple of decades spring to mind. They were then rewarded with different perks from their party. Usually they just wait for the storm to blow over and keep on going. So kudos to Bjarni for taking this step. Might be a sign of things to come.


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