Power of democracy

Obama talks about the power of democracy.

Four years ago, you would hardly have found anyone who believed that regular voters could trump special interests manipulating the government.

American voters had to face up to the fact that they had voted for the worst option possible in the last two elections. The voters themselves are responsible for the dire economic situation and war in Iraq because they could not be bothered to vote and also because they allowed themselves to be manipulated by spin.

To the US’s everlasting credit they made amends last night.

Iceland’s democracy might yet get the chance to make things right but in order for real change we cannot afford an election right away. We have to wait until at least February or March, preferrably May. We have to allow people to realise that they have been played by special interest and manipulated by spin. We have to allow new groups to form and organize, new politicians to enter the fray.

Unfortunately many Icelander’s are married to their political party and will only be parted by death, even if the marriage can be an abusive one. So for now, don’t hold your breath for a whole lot of change in Iceland.


Update: There might be hope in the future. Around thirty 10-year olds gathered in front of Althingi yesterday and shouted “David away”. Makes your heart warm on an autumn’s day.


2 Responses to “Power of democracy”

  1. 1 Roy Roesel November 5, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Right on!

  2. 2 Einar Jón November 6, 2008 at 5:27 am

    I always see it as die-hard football team devotion rather than a marriage.
    You don’t stop rooting for your team just because the manager is an idiot and the players all suck. That would be wrong – they’re just having a bad year and will bounce back next season…

    But at least the football teams have the sense to sell off bad players and fire a lousy manager. I wish the political parties would too.

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