An ideological and intellectual ant

The Independent Party has some interesting characters, including the member of parliament that was found guilty of embezzlement. One of its main idiological persons is a professor in political science at the University of Iceland, Hannes Holmsteinn Gissurarson.

Hannes is a professor who has not seen plagarism to be beneath him, which he was accused of and found guilty of with a book about Halldor Laxness, Iceland’s most beloved author.

Today he offers us his explanation on why things have crashed in Iceland. It was the media’s fault.

All checks by the media disappeared when it fell into the hands of the oligarchs according to Hannes. He also says that they were all bought or rented by these oligarchs and used for their own gains.

Hannes has once again been exposed as an ideological and intellectual ant. Of course the press is free, free to be owned by anyone. Everybody knew who was behind each media outlet in Iceland in the past few years. One of those outlets was Morgunbladid which has been exposed to have blatantly edited history in the last few decades in ways beneficiary to the Independent Party, owned by various people favorable to the party. The situation where Morgunbladid is the undisputed number one media in Iceland is what Hannes really longs after.

With the demise of the Independent Party as it was, spin-doctors like Hannes have and will become more of a caricature of themselves. Blaming the media is one thing, failing to see the total lack of checks and balances in the government he has been a part of behind the scenes is another thing all together.

What Hannes says about the president having been a cheerleader for the oligarchs is true though, although he forgot to look in the mirror and see himself in the same situation.


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