Always look on the bright side of life


It was probably the clearest poll ever published. Yesterday Channel 2 disclosed that 90% are against David Oddson keeping his seat as Central Bank Governor. Oddson was asked whether he considered resigning which he denied and then proceded to ask the reporter whether she had considered resigning.

This explains a lot, we don’t have grown ups running the economy. Just little children slinging mud. That was the view of one of the managers of a Saving & Loans bank who revealed that the most terrifying discovery he had made in the last few weeks was that the politicians in charge seemed to have no grasp of the severity of the situation facing the country.

Which is the same thing someone who participated in talks to save Glitnir and Landsbankinn told me a few weeks ago, they don’t know what they are doing.


As if the laissez-faire capitalists haven’t done enough ruining their religion by appointing friends to high government posts and privatizing state-companies into the hands of the “right people” then a report on taxation rising in the last 15 years should kill it off. Basically, everyone except the top 10% percent is paying more than in 1993. So beware the spin in the future.


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